Metal 3D Printing Service Bangalore

Metal 3D Printing Service in Bangalore

Bangalore has become a prominent additive manufacturing hub in India. Many companies and startups help customers convert ideas and concepts into real-time items using a variety of materials and filaments. Most companies in Bangalore provide FDM, SLS, and SLA 3D printing services.

But a surge is being noted in the number of companies offering 3D printing services in Bangalore. Each of these companies produces and delivers metal parts based on the digital 3D model uploaded by customers. Also, they focus extensively on safeguarding customers’ intellectual properties.

But you must remember that metal 3D printing technologies are more complex and expensive than plastic-based and resin-based 3D printing technologies. Some metal 3D printing technologies require engineers to boost the quality of metal parts by performing post-processing activities.

That is why; you can make a project successful only by choosing the right metal 3D printing service provider. Here are some factors you must consider to partner with a company or startup that provides the best metal 3D printing service in Bangalore.

10 Things You Must Consider to Get the Best Metal 3D Printing Service in Bangalore


You can produce a part or prototype using several metal 3D printing technologies. Each technology fabricates parts by fusing metal powder in a specific way. Some technologies are more effective in enhancing part quality and dimensional accuracy than others. Likewise, some technologies help you reduce 3D printing time and costs. It will be easier for you to compare and shortlist providers after finalizing metal 3D printing types.

Material Options

Leading metal 3D printing service providers in Bangalore allow you to choose from a wide range of metal powders – copper, steel, aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, and cobalt chrome. Some providers even produce parts using precious materials like gold, silver, and platinum. That is why; you should customize the metal 3D printing service by deciding on the appropriate metal powder.

Design Assistance

Providers produce metal parts based on the digital 3D model uploaded by you. You need to prepare the digital model using CAD software. Additionally, you have to convert the digital file into a set of printing instructions using slicing software. You should prioritize companies providing 3D modeling and printing services if you lack the skills required for expressing an idea or concept as a digital 3D model.


Post-processing is one of the key steps in the metal 3D printing process. It becomes easier for you to find the right provider when you understand the post-processing activities – heat treatment, polishing, coating, and heat treatment – required to produce a part with the desired surface finish. It is always important to check if the provider has the post-processing capability to refine the metal part or prototype.

Quality Control

Reputable metal 3D printing service providers focus extensively on quality control to deliver parts that meet predefined requirements and specifications. You can get superior metal 3D printing services in Bangalore by checking how the provider supports quality control. It is always important to ask specific questions to know if the provider enhances part quality by implementing a strategy that includes testing, inspection, and certification.

Experience and Expertise

Some companies in Bangalore have been providing metal 3D printing services to enterprises across sectors and regions. Some of them have built a reputation by providing customized metal 3D printing services to clients in specific sectors like automotive, aerospace, and healthcare. That is why; you should check if the provider has experience and expertise in producing parts or prototypes for enterprises in your sector.

Lead Time

Certain metal 3D printing technologies produce parts faster than others. Likewise, engineers have to perform additional post-processing activities while using specific metal 3D printing technologies. That is why; the amount of time required by the provider to deliver a high-quality metal part varies based on several factors. You should consider lead time to find a provider who reduces metal 3D printing time without compromising on part quality.


Metal 3D printing services are more expensive than plastic 3D printing technologies. Also, the cost of metal 3D printing service will vary according to your choice of technology and metal powder. While estimating the cost of metal 3D printing services in Bangalore, you must consider a slew of factors, including machine, material, post-processing, and delivery charges. It is always important to receive quotes from multiple providers and choose the one that offers lower rates without increasing lead time and sacrificing part quality.

Customer Support

Metal 3D printing technologies are more complex than thermoplastic and resin 3D printing technologies. Also, each metal 3D printing technology and material has its pros and cons. That is why; you may need expert advice to combine the right 3D printing technology and material for your project. You can get both information and assistance by partnering with a provider who has a dedicated customer support team. Also, you need to ensure that the support executives respond to queries and resolve issues proactively.

Print Volume

Several companies have set up robust metal 3D printing facilities in Bangalore. They use advanced printing machines to produce large parts as well as facilitate large-scale printing. You should consider one of these companies if you are planning to print a metal part or product in large numbers. That is why; you should evaluate the infrastructure of providers according to the required print volume.


Metal 3D printing services help both individuals and enterprises in Bangalore to obtain high-quality metal parts by overcoming constraints related to skills and resources. But you should focus on getting customized metal 3D printing service in Bangalore.

Before shortlisting and comparing providers, you must decide on the 3D printing technology and metal alloy required to produce the desired part or prototypes. However, it is also important to shortlist metal 3D printing service providers according to their experience, expertise, and reputation.

You should ask each provider relevant questions to know how he improves print quality, reduces lead time, and meets predefined specifications. The initial research will help you partner with the right provider and get customized metal 3D printing service in Bangalore.

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