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The 3D printers can be divided into multiple categories using a variety of parameters including material requirements. In addition to selecting the right 3D printer, the manufacturers must choose the best-suited 3D printing material for the application. While 3D printing a product or model the manufacturers have the option to choose from a wide range of 3D printing materials. They can always compare some of the commonly used materials in 3D printing according to the precise needs of the application.


PLA 3D Printing Material: The plastic-based materials are used widely in 3D printing due to their durable and flexible nature. The manufacturers use a variety of plastic-based 3D printing materials. But the most commonly used types of plastic 3D printing materials are polylactic acid (PLA) and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS). As a form of thermoplastic, ABS can resist shock. The manufacturers can use ABS in both liquid and powder forms. On the other hand, PLA is a form of biodegradable 3D printing material which is produced from renewable raw materials. ABS is stronger and more durable than PLA. But PLA is less expensive than ABS.

Resin 3D Printing Material: The resin 3D printing material is prepared as a liquid solution by combining ingredients like monomers and oligomers. The 3D printers produce three-dimensional items by curing and solidifying the liquid resin by applying laser lights. As the printer delivers UV laser to the resins, the 3D printing material will harden through the photopolymerization process. Manufacturers prefer resin to other 3D printing materials while 3D printing items with the highest level of accuracy and excellent surface finish. The wider availability of resin helps manufacturers to reduce both build time and 3D printing costs.


Powders 3D Printing Material: The manufacturers have the option to choose from a wide range of plastic and metal powder 3D printing materials. The 3D printers produce solid items by melting each type of powder material through continuous exposure to laser pulses. The manufacturers must remember that the powder 3D printing materials are different from each other primarily in the category of properties. Many manufacturers opt for plastic or polymer powders to 3D printing items with complex geometries. But they opt for nylon powders to produce three-dimensional items that are stronger and durable.

Aurum3D can be considered as a one-stop-shop for all 3D Printed Products and Materials

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Cost Effective Materials

The engineers and manufacturers these days invest in new 3D printing materials for various enterprises and sectors. For instance, the automotive industry these days use high strength 3D printing materials to design innovative cars, customize car designs and create complex parts, while healthcare industry has been using bio-grade 3D printing materials to produce medical devices and replacement organs.

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FDM 3D Printing Services

FDM is hugely popular among manufacturers as a cost-efficient 3D printing technology. In addition to reducing 3D printing cost, FDM enables manufacturers to create consumer and industrial products using a versatile material like production-grade thermoplastics. The chemical, thermal, and mechanical attributes of thermoplastics helps manufacturers to get high quality 3D-printed items.

SLS 3D Printing Services

Aurum uses Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) technology to produce solid three-dimensional objects by sintering powdered material using a high power laser. The high power laser fuse finds particles of plastic, glass, or ceramic tightly and seamlessly. The fusion makes SLS create three-dimensional items which are durable. The manufacturers can easily customize or extend the functional parts by making changes to the digital file or model.


SLA 3D Printing Services

3D printing technology, Stereolithography (SLA) is still used widely by manufacturers and engineers. The photochemical process forms layers of material by delivering ultraviolet (UV) laser to photopolymer resin. Many manufacturers these days opt for SLS to speed up production of functional parts. Its effectiveness in producing accurate 3D models makes SLS one of the widely used 3D printing technologies in the medical field.

What makes us different

Hiqh Quality Materials

Our products have reputation for superior run quality and consistency in the diameter and color. Our filaments are made from virgin plastic material and colorants to ensure that our customer can rely on our products.

Easy Shipping

Our order to shipment is faster than the industry standard. We keep significant stock in our office and our partner warehouse, making our delivery of all our product fast. You can trust us for on time delivery of our filament.

Variety of Colours

Our products are highly customisable for different industries. Our customers get a wide range of filaments​ ​and​ ​colors​ ​to​ ​choose​ ​from. We ensure the best quality products by using the state-of-art technology.

The in-house team at Aurum3D has 3D printers a variety of consumer and industrial products using various 3D printing technologies and materials. They believe in customizing and optimizing the 3D printing process by understanding the client’s requirements clearly. After understanding the nature and needs of the item to be 3D printed, they recommend the right 3D printing material to the client. Also, they help the client to understand the pros and cons of every 3D printing material with similar properties. Aurum3D has already formed partnerships with leading filament manufacturers to get the 3D printing material required by the application on demand.

Each 3D printer supports plastic, resin, or powders. Hence, the manufacturers need to finalize the 3D printing material before selecting a 3D printer. They must keep in mind the nature and requirements of the item to the 3D printed while comparing the 3D printing materials. Some 3D printing materials come with similar properties. At the same time, the materials differ from each other in the category of properties. In addition to comparing the properties of the 3D printing materials, the manufacturers also need to consider the diameter of the 3D printer filament.

3D Materials across Industries

Aurum3D has expertise in 3D printing both consumer and industrial products using different types of materials. Our in-house team helps clients to understand the pros and cons of every FDM 3D printing material elaborately. Also, we help clients to obtain the desired three-dimensional object by designing, printing, and post-processing the product.


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Client case studies

Client case studies

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Vignesh M — “We thanks Aurum3D team for helping us in delivering 3D printed parts for product validation and customer review and look forward for future work too”
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Riyaz Shaikh — “Special thanks to Aurum3D team for designing and printed a wonderful memento for our corporate key customers and awesome finish and packaging”
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Sheetal Arora — “We are very grateful in partnering with Aurum3D for helping us with a vast design of sports products and services for our global sports fan clubs”
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Rohan — “We had a great experience in working with Aurum3D team, as they have helped us to redesign the entire product as well as getting us 3D printed parts with a quick turn-around time ”

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