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There are a large number of choices and selections to do a make over of any space which make it so overwhelming that a thirsty patron falls into a sort of numerous loop of endless possibilities. The endless materials, printers, and applications are mind-boggling and the in house design doing various customization is fantastic.

3D printed objects tend to be more impressive when they’re small because of the amazing amount of detail which they can include. A good example is the series of geometric planters created by Minimum Design and these planters come in different styles and sizes and can be customized in various ways. They can also be origami-inspired designs which gives them a delicate and playful appearance to your personal space. 3D printing has already arrived in industries such as medicine, fashion, art, architecture, education, construction, and home decor. As retailers work with local 3D printing service providers to get the customized made 3D products, just like you pick up printed photos now.

3D printing has opened a whole new range of possibilities in interior design and decor and other sub segments of its personal hobbies and artists. Across the globe a number of designers have adopted this technology and that means anyone can now furnish and decorate their home or office with things like 3D printed vases, planters and even tables, chairs and other furniture pieces. The designs may not always be very unconventional but even something minimalist can be outstanding in this case. Check out below and our gallery section for some of our favorite 3D printed home accessories.

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Lampshade and Moon Lamp: Let’s say you need a lampshade, you spend hours on multiple websites to see if your required color and sizes are available. But these home essential designs are myriad in the 3D printing world. Many of our designs are inspired by nature and dance forms. As proper lighting drives energy and makes your space more bright and helps you adjust your moods. We do understand and do customization to ensure the products are well fit with your space and elements to create memories and provide unique concepts while designing the dream house. Talk to us to get the 3D printed customized moon lamp with adjusting light with different colour setup and creating a warm designer look in your bedroom, office and restaurants.

Wall Decor: Eye-catching conversation or Master-art piece, these wall decor options are endless. We are excited to share more unique and interesting designs that are perfect pieces for our client’s home. Design your empty walls with our various nature inspired design and range of crafted products for your study room, dining room, kids rooms, restaurants, hotels and  office space. We have a wide range of 2D and 3D wall art in various colours, size and finish.

Self-Watering Planter and Kitchen tools: Plants in our home get sometimes neglected. You won’t have to worry about watering your plants any more as our customized item gets your plants watered during your vacation and busy schedule. Create useful customize and unique tools for your kitchen and flaunt at your next dinner party. Get some fancy designs for your young kids to enjoy their meals with a customization product uniquely designed for them.

Games: Customize your favorite hobby with 3D printing. If you are a chess lover, word lover, board games lover, or anything else. All components of these games and new imaginations can be converted into 3D Printed products. You can keep these items for self-use or give these unique items to your kids or loved ones. We can design and print those games to give them a complete unique avatar which will be loved by any age of peoples.

Key Highlights:

  • 3D printed physical model allows different people to select the customize range of design and products.
  • 3D Printed miniature and sculpture models allow architects and interior designers to design and enhance the craftsmanship around unique concepts and discuss their viewpoints, aspects, and various design concepts with customers
  • In current situations, from corporate gifting to a personalized gifting products one can use from the variety of 3D printed model as a unique way to express gratitude and feelings and can be useful to convert your empty spaces with 3D printed unique products.
  • It offers high-quality real-life visuals and gives a better perspective to any kind of environment compared to the old fashioned plastics or PoB’s models.

Furniture: Designer chair, covered gazebo, Modular wall system, simplistic to complicated designs can be 3D Printed. Get theme-based furniture like – Rio collection, Floral, puzzle theme, Nature-inspired colors, and shapes. Turn imagination into reality with the immense potential of 3D Printing

Vases and Photo Frames: 

Unlimited geometry, colors, and design options are available for 3D Printed vases. Designs to support tall flowers or surround full sprigs of herbs. Just customize to your liking.

Great picture-perfect frames for your home in just the right color. Design hassle-free ultimate gallery wall on a computer and create a perfect gallery wall with the magic of 3D printing.

Stationary and Key Holder:

Create a fun-looking container to hold all your valuable writing tools. You can create different sizes for the holders to organize smaller and bigger objects (pens, pencils, rulers). 3D Print them with creative colors, designs – fully customized to your liking.

Get yourself a wall-mounted key holder, so keys won’t be misplaced anymore. Use this object to also hang clothes, bags, belts, towels, scarfs, and many more items. Just think of all of the ways you can personalize your home and without being exhausting create a space that reflects your personality.

3D Sculpture ModelsA 3D miniature, 3D figurine, 3D portrait, or 3D selfie is a 3D-printed scale replica of a person or an object. The 3D artists use special 3D printers to print three-dimensional miniatures or selfies in full color. The 3D figurines are produced in a standardized way using a gypsum-based binder jetting technique. We can create a replica of any famous personality or monuments of your choice and colours.

Aurum3D can add some razzle and dazzle into your home with a set of unique 3D printed home decors. Today’s 3D printers can bring your imagination to reality without breaking your budget on interior design. We workout with various interior designers to discuss the role of 3D printing and carving out the products in the interior design industry. One thing is very clear that there are literally no home decor items that cannot be printed and you only need to get in touch with us for getting the job done in your choice of colours.

Whether you are a professional interior designer, an individual home buyer or an artist our team is there to help and work out any required size of 3D printed home decors items that can inspire you. One can also share the required design picture also and we can convert the same into the 3D model for customer review and finalizing for 3D printing. Even if you needed a customized handle or flap or clip on something at home that either didn’t come well equipped, broke during regular use, either glue/duct tape or a part runout of the hardware store; we welcome you all to the living world where 3D printing could change all of that for you.

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Explore the all new world of 3D printing and endless customization. You design or ask us to design the creative shots and get to choose color, design, size, and material. Here are some 3D printed home decorating ideas we love! But you are looking for a perfect home decor which is in your imagination. So, something which is there in your mind can be physically recreated using 3D printing.

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