3D Printing Resins Materials

Resin 3D Printing Material

Standard Resin: Standard resin is considered to be one of the low-cost 3D printing materials. Many manufactures opt for the standard resin to avail high-quality material features without incurring extra expenses. Like other forms of resin, the standard resin also offers high-level details and a smooth finish. The 3D printing service providers can use standard resin to print objects without support. Also, they can remove the support seamlessly using sanding paper and tools.


Gray Resin: Gray resin is smoother than other 3D printing materials. The manufactures have the option to choose from gray resin with a variety of shades – natural gray (the standard color), black, blue, green, red, white, yellow, orange, and brown. The 3D printing service providers also paint the 3D printed object created using gray resin according to precise customer instructions.

Transparent Resin: As its name suggests, transparent resin helps manufacturers to produce consumer and industrial products that are both transparent and water-resistant. Manufacturers often opt for transparent resin while 3D printing smaller models. But this form of resin provided the 3D printed objects with a transparent and smooth surface.

High-Detail Resin: The 3D printers create three-dimensional objects by depositing thin-layers of high-detail resin onto the build platform. Also, they cure every layer of high-detail resin using UV rays. The manufacturers opt for the high-detail resin to produce complex geometries with a higher level of details.


Mammoth Resin: Unlike other forms of resin, mammoth resin helps manufacturers to 3D print larger models. Mammon resin provided the 3D printed objects with a smooth finish and fine features. But this form of resin is considered to be effective in producing large-sized objects with precision.

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We’ve been providing engineering services and solutions for ours customer. Our team has completed a plethora of projects spanning the design development gamut. As a result, our vast knowledge base allows us to deliver the best engineering solutions to address your specific needs.

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We implement a full life cycle development process including defining requirements, product functionality and application, review and quality control, and product prototyping / technical support. Using this process we ensure you receive the best service in the business.

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Whether you need an aesthetically-pleasing products, a new technology product concept, or custom design that uses the most current technologies, Aurum3D has the required depth and breadth of all major CAD tool expertise to fulfill your engineering needs.

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We believe that great quality should speak for itself and we take pride in helping all customers to showcase their incredible work— It’s at the core of everything we do.​

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The creative design journey doesn’t have an end; there’s always room for improvement. We’re committed to create a challenging environment for learning, and think outside the box.

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We work as a designer and we know the importance of their work and skills. We’re constantly building ways to ensure that our team is dedicated to help our customers.

Aurum3D for Resin Printing Material

Aurum3D has already SLA 3D printed a variety of consumer and industrial products using resin. We help clients to differentiate between different types of resin according to their material properties. Also, our in-house team helps the client to produce customized 3D objects by recommending the right type of resin and using sophisticated SLA 3D printers. Also, we post-process the 3D printed object to deliver realistic three-dimensional products to the clients.

As the first commercialized 3D printing technology, Stereolithography (SLA) produced a variety of three-dimensional objects by transforming liquid resin to hardened plastic through the photopolymerization process.  The SLA 3D printers cure liquid resin into hardened plastic using ultraviolet (UV) laser. Once the object is 3D printed, the 3D printing service providers remove residual resin by cleaning the SLA parts with a solvent solution. Also, they cure the cleaned resin parts in a UV over before delivering the object to the client.

Printing Material Applications

Many manufacturers opt for SLA 3D printing technology to produce objects with high details, fine features, and a smooth surface. However, the objects produced using SLA printers are mostly designed for indoor use. The manufacturers have the option to choose from many types of resin – standard resin, gray resin, mammoth resin, transparent resin, and high-detail resin.

Client case studies

Client case studies

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3D Printing

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3D Printing

We customize 3D printing services according to the precise needs of the model, prototype, or product by allowing clients to choose from a slew of 3D printing services according to their precise needs.

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3D Designing

Our expertise in creating 3D designs and models

3D Desiging

We combine domain experience, software experience, design and analysis expertise, product development, and sophisticated tools to facilitate business transformation and business requirements.

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3D Scanning

An advanced innovative approach

3D Scanning

With a team of highly qualified professionals, we will provide an advanced innovative approach to save lots of your re-engineering time & cost. This process also helps to reduce the dependency on the complex supply chain.

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Sheetal Arora — “We are very grateful in partnering with Aurum3D for helping us with a vast design of sports products and services for our global sports fan clubs”
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Rohan — “We had a great experience in working with Aurum3D team, as they have helped us to redesign the entire product as well as getting us 3D printed parts with a quick turn-around time ”

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