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3D Printing in Engineering

We have been fascinated for years by how science fiction movies were portraying images of advanced robots and appliances taking care of every need of human beings completely. 3D printers have made it realistic and the first steps toward such visions of the future. Just in a few simple steps, give an input in a design format and the 3D machine fabricates the desired object in a matter of time.

How 3D Printing Will Impact Industrial Automation

The ability to print using many different types of materials, using multiple technology approaches, and gradually decreasing costs are poised to make 3D printing a game-changer for the global automation market. Are we ready for the potential negative impact on intellectual property right?

However, let’s assume that manufacturers and industrial producers make use of this automation, and further Automating 3D printing could, therefore, become an important source of revenue for the additive manufacturing industry in the next decade. The expected market size is about $11.2bn by the end of 2027. In the last 10 years, almost all kinds of industry have started adopting this technology and have been undergoing a dramatic change. Overpassing its primary applications to create small plastic models and prototypes, 3D printers are now commonly used to create full-scale clothing, prosthetics, and electronics products. The biggest potential application is transforming industrial products.

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3D printers can now work with most high-grade industrial materials such as titanium, steel, aluminum and copper, the technology is poised to be a game-changer when it comes to making parts for industries such as automotive, space and aerospace.

The increased ability for innovation in design, 3D printing technology allows changes to be made far more quickly than ever before. In the business dashboard, it improves the top line by improving speed to market for new products and reduced development costs and enhancing the bottom line by reducing cost by using less material approximate 40-70 % less versus traditional methods.

They are a continuous requirement in the market demanding the 3D technical designs for Plant, factory, and industrial projects showcasing the multiple structures, pipelines, and heavy machinery placements. Groups of Architects and project managers are facing several challenges to demonstrate these attributes into their designs for legal approvals and permits. The same challenges were overcome by creating a 3d printed plant and factory architectural model, which brings the entire site layout to life by displaying its machinery, equipment, and workflow giving a realistic aesthetic look and feel.

Surgical instruments: A lot of surgeries require customized tools and that’s the area where 3D printing can be used to manufacture custom instruments easily. In fact, by the additive manufacturing technique, the cost of customization and production comes drastically down for any surgical tools and prostheses.

Orthopedic implants: With having risen in accident cases the 3D printing not only significantly speeds up the entire process but creating much cheaper products that offer patients the same functionality as traditionally manufactured prosthetics at customized designs. For small children, who continuously grow with time requires prosthetic up-gradation and the lower price point of these products makes them easily upgraded over time.

Key Advantages of a 3D Printed Plant and Factory Layout Models:

    • 3D printed physical model allows different people to understand the engineering and construction details with ease.
    • 3D Printed industrial layout models allow architects and project engineers to study and discuss their different viewpoints, aspects, and various safety concepts.
    • In current situations, the big industrial factories setups can use their 3D printed working model as a navigation showpiece and can be useful to convert into Augmented reality-based training videos for various purposes.
    • It offers high-quality real-life visuals and gives a better perspective for Stakeholders and government officials compared to the old fashioned cardboard-based models.

Architecture Engineering:

Architects are also attracting builders on building unique complex structures by developing innovative designs with continuous growing competition in the real estate industry. Builders and investors are finding extreme difficulty in visualizing the complex models using 2D drawing. Hence, converting a 2D Layout into a sophisticated 3D printed model was helping the Architecture model a complete look and feel of the designed project. Also making a pivotal role in adding up a completely new dimension to an architect 2D design.

A 3D printed architectural model helps both real estate developers and architect-designer to communicate key features of their design ideas and translate their new lifestyle vision with homeowners, investors, government authority, and other stakeholders and convince them easily by explaining all guidelines and regulations required to build their dream projects and creating the brand values.

Our 3D printed miniature models are just simply a great tool and unique ways to showcase mega dream projects and add life to design visualization. Our scale models can be easily assembled and disassembled for carrying to various exhibition and marketing events. Even the scale models of the villas can be personalized and can be gifted to the customers while booking a home or could be the perfect gift for a housewarming occasion.

With the help of a huge choice of color filament and high precision 3D printing machine, we can provide high-quality conceptual information models. We are committed to our customers in order to provide them with 3D printed models that are of high-grade quality and quick turnaround delivery. In case you have any of the below concern, do get in touch with our team:

  • Do you have a design that you always wanted to convert into reality? 
  • Do you have an idea that you want to develop and make a unique impression with a real-time model design?

3D Printing

Aurum3D has the ability to replicate a full-fledged factory layout or a plant model that accurately represents the actual factory layout showcasing all minor details related to the supply of equipment and supporting structures. Our designer ensures that the industrial scale models are perfectly designed in line with the original drawings, details, and information provided by the customers. With help of advanced 3D printing technology and a variety of colors in printing filaments, we can produce realistic replicas of plant, factory, and industrial models, ensuring all required engineering aspects can be easily understood by all department levels.

At Aurum3D we support both residential and commercial printed building models working closely with the architectures to ensure all key aspects are understood well rather than simply build site plans. We add all supporting elements to the 3D models so that builders can show and explain to clients how key architectural features were uniquely designed to provide them a completely unique lifestyle for their families. At Aurum3D, we get involved with the clients right from the design phase so that the 3D models can be printed in parallel and help them with ideas to promote and present ideas to their clients and areas which can be customized easily without much additional cost on printing design elements.

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We can just work with you! Just bring us your ideas and let our expert designers and model makers work magic! With our modular-based design concept models, you can print out several ideas at a minimal cost.

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We combine domain experience, software experience, design and analysis expertise, product development, and sophisticated tools to facilitate business transformation and business requirements.

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With a team of highly qualified professionals, we will provide an advanced innovative approach to save lots of your re-engineering time & cost. This process also helps to reduce the dependency on the complex supply chain.

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