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3D printing in the aerospace and Defence market is estimated to register a growth of over 20% in the next five years. The increasing use of Additive manufacturing in aerospace and Defence may lead to the growth of the market in the near future. With the introduction of advanced technology 3D printers, industries are expecting to grow further in terms of 3D printing capabilities in the coming years.

The Aerospace & Defence industry continues its innovation in lightweight materials and effective manufacturing technologies to manage its cost-efficiency. They continue to adopt emerging technologies that are shaping manufacturing globally in which one of them is additive manufacturing or 3D printing.

From the complex structural engine parts to cabin interiors, Aerospace & Defence industries are looking to produce components using 3D printing to enhance the performance of aircraft or spacecraft which benefits them a lot in terms of weight and space constraints when compared to conventional manufacturing technologies. Ongoing advancement in technologies will surely lead to more breakthroughs in the industry, tangible benefits to aerospace and Defence companies are gaining from 3D Printing at present.

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Weight is considered as the most critical parameter, at every phase, in the design and development of an aircraft and spacecraft. Less the weight of aircraft/spacecraft, less is the fuel consumption. With advanced technologies like Generative Design, industries have got more freedom than ever to design complex parts and manufacture them with ease in aircraft and spacecraft.

Airlines prefer aircraft that are fuel-efficient without compromising on the strength and aerodynamics of the aircraft since they operate on low-profit margin. Hence the manufacturers look forward to advanced technologies and advanced materials to develop the components, parts, and overall airframe without compromising on safety factors.

Key Highlights:

  • Lightweight designs with excellent strength to weight ratio
  • Reduced Material Weight
  • Part Consolidation
  • Complex parts with a quick turnaround time
  • Significant cost reduction
  • Lower CO2 Emissions
  • Improved Part Performance
  • Enable Just-in-Time, Distributed Manufacturing, and Production
  • Reduce Supply Chain Costs with Additive Manufacturing

3D Printing Aerospace & Defence applications have helped to speed up the process of designing products that are light in weight and manufacture them using traditional technologies without relying on conventional technologies of manufacturing which would have required weeks, even months for prototyping and spare parts production. 3D Printing achieves it within hours production of critical equipment has, therefore, become much faster, not to mention cost-effective as well.

Using 3D printing, parts can be manufactured with very strong and lightweight structures that achieve weight reductions of around 40-60 % which results in cost-saving, material saving, and lower fuel consumption. As metal 3D printing advances, we predict vital components of both domestic aircraft and spaceships will adopt additive manufacturing methods using custom alloys and high-end lightweight thermoplastics. The ability to create unforeseen tools on a space mission is game-changing.

Aurum3D has been helping Aerospace manufacturers to transform Aerospace production processes by providing customized 3D printing services. We have already helped the leading aerospace manufacturers to create complex prototypes, speed up tooling cycles, produce complex spare parts, and facilitate aerospace testing. We have both expertise and capability to 3D print innovative items for aerospace manufacturers.

We work closely with both service and manufacturing companies to balance the ecosystem of both environments and provide solutions covering the solutions at all design phases. Our solutions are not only limited to design services but we also involve ourselves at the preliminary phase or concept phase in order to provide value proposition at all stages. Let it be product design support, conventional manufacturing engineering support, or next-generation solutions, with our end to end transformational solutions helps our customers to engage with our teams at any phase of projects.

3D Design Experience

Our dedicated and in-house team has expertise in delivering customized solutions based on the design diagram or digital model provided by aerospace manufacturers. The team focuses on all important phases in the 3D printing process to deliver superior solutions. Also, they passionately look for opportunities to 3D print innovative solutions for clients from the aerospace industry.

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3D Printing

We customize 3D printing services according to the precise needs of the model, prototype, or product by allowing clients to choose from a slew of 3D printing services according to their precise needs.

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3D Designing

Our expertise in creating 3D designs and models

3D Desiging

We combine domain experience, software experience, design and analysis expertise, product development, and sophisticated tools to facilitate business transformation and business requirements.

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3D Scanning

An advanced innovative approach

3D Scanning

With a team of highly qualified professionals, we will provide an advanced innovative approach to save lots of your re-engineering time & cost. This process also helps to reduce the dependency on the complex supply chain.

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