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3D Printing in Education 

3D printing technology has started making its impression in the education industry. In today’s world, the education system is not about getting grades and finishing the coursebook. The framework requires practical knowledge and real-world examples to correlate and understand various mechanisms. In today’s scenario, lots of concepts are explained through online videos and students want to touch and feel those products and inventions and play around with them to unlock the human ingenuity.

3D printing is taught in schools and colleges to inspire young minds and enhance creative thinking. From printing a simple 3D printed planet model or working on the automotive engine, these real-time 3D models help teachers to explain difficult concepts easily. 3D printed models can bring any topic into reality and help educators to engage with students for a longer time and improve critical thinking and problem-solving capabilities. This way any theoretical topics can be made interesting apart from just boring texts and images and can be applicable for subjects like Geography, Maths, Physics, and Chemistry. All these 3D printed models are cost-effective, easy to build, and highly sustainable.

3D printing is all about creating a real and physical world into the creative hands of students for doing the inspection and analyzing the processes that benefit from physical manipulation. Few examples of how the education sector can get benefited by having a 3D printer in the school and colleges:

  • 3D versions of their artwork can be print out by Graphic Design students 
  • 3D models of molecules can be printed by Chemistry students 
  • Cells, viruses, organs, and other biological artifacts can be print out by Biology students

Our Value Proposition

Cognitive Thinking


STEM Learning

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The student’s creativity can help them to develop a passion for original thinking and creativity that can later be applied to various domains and industries in which they want to pursue their career. 3D printing promotes a student’s achievements and also prepares them for higher education and new concepts easily. They develop the confidence that allows them to pursue challenging courses like STEM fields. Through this technology student can keep exploring new avenues and grow their imaginations, it cultivates the seed of innovation and experimenting where the student creates their unique projects into the 3D environment that can help them to train others, discuss and solve bigger problems.

Creates Cognitive Thinking3D printing offers students the ability to experience their projects from the model stage to the actual creation of the model. This develops a sense of excitement and a better understanding of the design process as they gain hands-on experience of developing new ideas from conception to creation.

Curriculum Friendly3D printing elevates students from conventional classrooms where students are easily bored. This makes them more active and engaged in various participants through conception, design, and execution of their projects by interacting with the teacher or 3D design mentor.

Allows Access to Unavailable KnowledgeBecause most 3D printers are pre-assembled and plug and play, it is a fun cutting-edge technology for students to learn. This builds student’s confidence and teachers also enjoy the results of having self-motivated, self-confident students.

Key Highlights:

  • 3D printed physical model allows different students to understand the engineering and complex concepts details with ease.
  • 3D Printed models allow teachers and students to study and discuss their different viewpoints, aspects, and various educational concepts.
  • In current situations, the engineering college can enhance the labs with the use of 3D printer machine as a navigation to design and developing new concepts and can be useful to convert ideas into realistic training models for various purposes.
  • It offers high-quality real-life visuals and gives a better perspective for different age groups compared to the old fashioned cardboard-based models.

Opens New Learning Possibilities An affordable 3D printer opens up unlimited learning opportunities for students. 3D printing enables students with enormous opportunities to experiment with various ideas, expanding and growing creativity in an efficient manner


Improves problem-solving skills The 3D printer provides a variety of learning experiences for students. They learn how different 3D printers work, how to operate software, and how to do post-processing to finalize the projects.

We assist both primary and secondary educational institutions to take their students’ learning environment to the next level by providing specialized 3D printing in schools.

We help students to become inventors3D printing technology allows for students to become inventors. Students learn to invent something themselves, rather than buying or using somebody else’s creations.

We help in making Subjects as careersThe research demonstrates that, after school, more and more students do not pursue STEM subjects. This landscape can be changed significantly with the use of 3D printing and inspires students all across the world, allowing them to understand a complex issue in many simple ways.

Looking from the perspective of growth and development for future designers, engineers, and artists all can leverage and adapt the 3D printing for enhancing and excelling in their respective fields and passion. With the huge reduction in the cost of 3D printers, rather than being a technological gadget it is also now an important and useful educational tool. They are making both teaching and learning better.

Aurum3D 3D Printing can help your school create similar experiences, providing your students with high-quality 3D printing technology and giving them a new and exciting way of learning. We also help engineering students to develop the product prototype to demonstrate the working models of thier research and ideas in a cost effective was using 3D printing technology. We help in setting up a 3D printing Lab in school and Colleges as well as to conduct classes as part of extra co-curricular activities and Summer workshop.

Our Solutions to Institutes

Aurum3D printing assists students of all age groups to develop intuition, creativity, and critical thinking skills. We enable students from various fields such as science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, using 3D modeling and 3D printing to enhance all the required skills necessary to become productive members of society.

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We combine domain experience, software experience, design and analysis expertise, product development, and sophisticated tools to facilitate business transformation and business requirements.

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With a team of highly qualified professionals, we will provide an advanced innovative approach to save lots of your re-engineering time & cost. This process also helps to reduce the dependency on the complex supply chain.

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