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As we have been observing that 3D printing technology is playing a crucial role across various segments of many industries and disciplines. As it was observed that it plays a key role in development and research in the biotech, architecture, Hi-tech, medical services, and education. Another critical area of 3D printing technology application is Manufacturing industries where we have witnessed the significant usage of this cutting edge technology in a NextGen Digital factory setup.

Every small, medium and large manufacturing companies are adopting this technology for the increasing demand for mass manufacturing by leveraging 3D printer usages which are helping them to keep the cost structure down at initial levels of manufacturing and tool design.

Existing technologies like CNC milling, injection molding, and casting have dominated the manufacturing markets and always been upgrading to modern manufacturing to fulfill the requirements of supply chain and design features by reducing the number of operations and tool setup. Now with the help of additive manufacturing, the OEM’s are trying to revolutionize the new modern way of advanced manufacturing and trying to disrupt the entire supply chain.

An industrial 3D printer allows converting and validating the functionality and can be iterated with a quick turnaround in a design office easily. Even with multiple iterations into design and prototyping it with the use of a 3D printer will hardly end up costing bare minimum cost compared to producing and testing using a conventional manufacturing process and also save a lot of money and time.

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Design Prototype & Improvements

Topology Optimization

Improve Supply Chain

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For a long time, the 3d printing technology was used to be inside the stream and now it’s getting into the most mainstream from the last couple of years, it has made its way into numerous applications and making a breakthrough for easing out human life and manufacturing processes. 3D printing is the most efficient way to go from a prototype to a real-time working product in a matter of time.

This process eliminates the involvement of too many people because of which it can dilute the initial idea of launching a new product and design. The adoption of this technology into the manufacturing segment has increased drastically in the last few years which signifies that those engineers are realizing the capability of 3D printing as a design and manufacturing tool.

A fully functional design prototype requires expensive machine tooling and a skilled operator which further adds up the additional significant cost to the product design. Nowadays the designer can create enormous design while thinking out of box ideas and can try to print and validate for the ease of tooling for form, fit, and functions.

Key Highlights:

  • Easy prototyping for any complex parts and components
  • Lightweight customize designs with excellent strength to weight ratio
  • Reduced Material Weight by help of generative design
  • Part Consolidation and Reduced Inventory
  • Reduce Tooling and Complex parts mold design
  • Complex parts with a quick turnaround time and reduce operating process
  • Significant cost reduction due to reduce machining efforts
  • Improved Part Performance
  • Enable Just-in-Time, Distributed Manufacturing, and Production
  • Reduce Supply Chain Costs with Additive Manufacturing

There are enormous applications of additive manufacturing apart from doing rapid prototyping and let us focus on a few other key applications of this cutting edge technology:

  • Design Improvements
  • Inventory Management
  • Developing Prototypes
  • Topology Optimization
  • Improving the supply chain
  • Reduce production cost and time
  • Reduce operations steps for Complex Geometry

Additive manufacturing will not only speed up your manufacturing process but also help to produce design faster for quick decision-making or design optimization using any CAD software. It has been evident and proven how 3D printing technology played a critical role in producing Ventilators splitter & valves, Face visor, and other key products to fight against during this challenging COVID-19 situation whereas the typical manufacturing setup was struggling in designing the molds or designing the products with required machining operations. It also helped in reaching out to the large mass at the cost-effective structure and faster production rate.

Aurum3D manufacturing experts work closely with the various industries of all sizes across domains, our team adopts a solution which is easy to implement and relevant to the latest cutting edge technology. We study the current manufacturing process of the customer ecosystem and provide transformational solutions that are cost-effective and defect-free. Our solutions are easy to implement and test without making any major changes to the existing tools and equipment. We also take care that the minimal learning and redundancy are removed by collaborating existing and new manufacturing practices followed across major industries.

Our teams keep themselves upgraded and equipped with the latest technology and platforms like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, IoT, and 3D printing for developing the right solutions for transforming the current problems to be a future-ready connected digital ecosystem. For more details and discussion kindly reach out to our manufacturing experts for any services related to design, scanning, and printing services.

Our Research and Techniques

We provide flexible engagement models and support companies by providing services as well as product support by rapid prototyping and design validation. Our in-house industrial-grade 3D printers are capable of supporting almost all the required materials which could be possibly required for any major applications or testing.

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3D Printing

The dedicated and in-house team

3D Printing

We customize 3D printing services according to the precise needs of the model, prototype, or product by allowing clients to choose from a slew of 3D printing services according to their precise needs.

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3D Designing

Our expertise in creating 3D designs and models

3D Desiging

We combine domain experience, software experience, design and analysis expertise, product development, and sophisticated tools to facilitate business transformation and business requirements.

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3D Scanning

An advanced innovative approach

3D Scanning

With a team of highly qualified professionals, we will provide an advanced innovative approach to save lots of your re-engineering time & cost. This process also helps to reduce the dependency on the complex supply chain.

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